In 2008 someone asked Mama ‘Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?’ Turns out the correct answer was loitering around the back of the butchers shop at 6.30am in sub-zero temperatures watching a 3 legged Greek ex-street dog sniff a bin. Because? That’s what made him happy.

A pup with no name, a mutt, a non-entity living off the streets in Greece, hit by a car and left for dead. Alone and starving, with broken bones and open wounds so severe the flesh was beginning to rot, a miserable and prolonged death awaited. Until his guardian angel appeared. Rescued and nursed back to care, after his leg was amputated, this angel went in search of finding this beleaguered chap a forever home. And so she did.

Ouzo the Greek, a fully grown Anatolian Shepherd cross with three legs and a belligerent streak, rocked up in little old England, with baggage. A man hating, fearful, aloof enigma, with a penchant for showing his teeth to strangers became Mama and Papa Edwards best friend.

Ouzo the Greek is the true story of how this dog adapted to adoption. A brand new life in England, with mishaps and mistakes, laughter and tears, and a sibling, Mrs D, a fellow amputee and adversary, aka the cat from the dark side.

You can buy the book ‘Ouzo the Greek: A year in the life of a Greek rescue dog’ by Lisa Edwards on Amazon uk and globally, either paperback or kindle version. All proceeds go to Shadow Dogs of Karditsa.


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