Barking birthday blog

Today is my fourth birthday, I am 28. Plus, today is my second ‘Gotcha day’ anniversary. And it’s been one hell of a barking adventure.

The Orphan Pet wrote a blog about me last week, ‘The rescue dog that wrote a book’ and produced a beautiful video that made me a tad emotional. Thank you, I am deeply touched.

This week Mr Moussaka’s previous foster Mama is coming for a visit. HOORAH!

Next weekend I am going to have a reunion with Ermioni, my rescuer who I haven’t seen in two years. Excited doesn’t even cover it.

Next month I get my first royalty payment from my publisher which is going straight back to help those I left behind. And this is important to me. And this gave me an idea.

As I am approaching middle-age, and probably wont make old bones, I thought it only right and proper to have a bit of a mid-life crisis. Go a bit bonkers, that sort of thing, live life on the edge, do something a bit daring, so I have taken up stalking and I am not talking squirrels. More celebrity stalking. If I could get a shout out and share from a celebrity it might just help to raise a bit of awareness and funds for the unwanted second hand dogs still waiting for their chance.

My first choice was Billy Connolly because he is proper funny, but he probably doesn’t need a three legged dog stalking him right now so choice number two was Eddie Izzard. Mama suggested I might be better of stalking a celebrity dog lover so I went for Ricky Gervais as it’s not easy to type the apostrophe in Paul O’Grady when you are using your paw.

Shabby stalker attempt number one.


Response … ignored. Fair enough.

Shabby stalker attempt number two.


Response … Mr Gervais ‘liked’ it.

Shabby  stalker attempt number three.


Response … Nout. I probably should have stopped at attempt number two but this is my mid-life crisis so I shall persevere.

Shabby stalker attempt number four.


Response … there wasn’t one. Hey ho, it probably is a bit weird to be hounded by a three legged God damned dogged dog who was never actually that keen on bigging himself up.

So mid-life crisis over and back to being a belligerent, aloof, three legged Anatolian enigma it is. May the next 365 day spin around the sun be just as marvellous as the last one.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, I am one lucky chap. But my real birthday wish is to help those I left behind.

Big love to you all from me x

10570428_1495172777366921_3566254134521004392_n Editors comment: Happy birthday mutt boy.



Author: ouzothegreek

I am a three legged Greek street dog called Ouzo. I got run over when I was very young and injured my leg, some people caught me and took me to the vets where my leg was amputated. Once I had healed I was returned to a life on the streets where I visited feeding stations set up by the charity Greek Animal Rescue. These kind people together with another charity, Holly Farm Canine Centre, raised funds to have me brought over to England. And this is where my story begins.

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