The best news ever in the entire world (well my world anyway)

I will be four years old next month plus it will be my second ‘gotcha’ day anniversary. Half my life as a stray in Greece, half my life as an over indulged beloved family member in little old England. Bonkers.

For my third birthday and first ‘gotcha’ day Mama and Papa let me pick my own present and obviously I chose to make a donation to my first love Ermioni, my very own guardian angel who saved my life by simply loving me.  Give something back, always.

But it didn’t end there as Mama had planned a whole weekend of celebrations. We went on an adventure, it was awesome, and spent a day at THE BIGGEST PET SHOP IN THE WORLD, ‘Paws in the Park’ at the South of England Showground. It was the best day out ever but Papa corrected me and said it was the best day out ever … so far.

And do you know what, he was right.

Next month, when I will be four plus my second ‘gotcha’ day we are going on another adventure. And this time, apparently, it is going to be very, very special indeed. Mama and Papa are looking slightly smug, but they wont let on as this will be a surprise adventure. It will be my birthday after all. I have spent some time contemplating what this ‘special’ surprise may be and I am thinking I may be going to Buckingham Palace to meet my mate Donny T, plus the Queen of course.

Mama told me not to be so ridiculous as there is no way she is going to drive me to London to meet the President of the United States of America.

And then she told me the truth because she is so excited and just couldn’t hold out any longer. Mama and Papa are indeed going to drive me to London. But I will be meeting someone way more important. Another visitor to little old England. A really, really important person … Ermioni, my first love, my guardian angel.

This is Ermioni, right here, with little old me, taken shortly before I began my journey, our final time together. I owe her and her team my life, and next month I am going to see her again. There are no words.



Author: ouzothegreek

I am a three legged Greek street dog called Ouzo. I got run over when I was very young and injured my leg, some people caught me and took me to the vets where my leg was amputated. Once I had healed I was returned to a life on the streets where I visited feeding stations set up by the charity Greek Animal Rescue. These kind people together with another charity, Holly Farm Canine Centre, raised funds to have me brought over to England. And this is where my story begins.

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