Mr Moussaka monthly … meant to be


It’s a harsh planet where the worst things happen to the best folk, be they two legged, four legged or even three legged. (Eight legged are quickly relocated to live a more natural outdoor lifestyle).

However, good things do happen too.

There is my big brother, Ouzo the Greek, a three legged beast with limited social skills, run over and left for dead in Greece. Plus me, aka Mr Moussaka, a four legged beast who just loves everyone in the entire world, yet was handed over to the pound on Christmas day in Cyprus. Mrs D, the cat from the dark side, a no-eared beast who is mighty fierce, and spent a year in a pen as she was overlooked because of her looks, from just up the road (although she likes to tell everyone she is actually French and to be fair pulls off a pretty good Le Miaow accent). And finally Mama and Papa. Mama was made in Sweden and born in England, and Papa, whose Mama is French and Papa is English, was born in Nairobi, Kenya.

Le Meow

And somehow, with the love and kindness of others on this massive rock, we all came together. A motley crew who despite our immense diversity are basically summed up in the words of Papa as ‘not too shabby’.

We have our ups and downs, as everyone does. We have family and friends who are facing the hardest of times and all we can do is support and listen … then quietly go away and shed a few tears for them whilst wishing we could do more.

But that is how this life works. You give, you get, but most importantly you care. And if you can’t make a difference in one situation you sure can in another, as my big brother has taught me, we are only here once so make the most of it and share the love.

Me, Mr O, and even that darned cat, have just randomly rocked up and begun a new life in The Edwards family. And yup, it is pretty good. Even the no-eared creature has accepted us into her life and rubs up against Mr O’s chest whilst he sits patiently waiting for his supper (she-devil). As for me, I may well be a tad sound sensitive and taken the odd tinkle on the worlds most expensive rug, out of fear, yet forgives you English oddballs celebrating your Guy’s religious fanatics as at least you are supporting the Chinese economy. Fair play. Diversity my friends.

A random family, from all over this rock, whose bizarre paths have come together, continue to rock. Mama has quit her job and is off to work for an animal charity and as for Mr O, that aloof enigma, well … he has just signed a book deal with an American publisher.


Life my friend’s is truly barking, or just maybe, meant to be.

10570428_1495172777366921_3566254134521004392_n Editor’s comment: Theresa May can do one.

Ouzo CEO’s comment: Ouzo the ‘Enigma’ Greek, a three legged second hand dog and international author. Who’d have thought.



Μοιράσου την αγάπη

Author: ouzothegreek

I am a three legged Greek street dog called Ouzo. I got run over when I was very young and injured my leg, some people caught me and took me to the vets where my leg was amputated. Once I had healed I was returned to a life on the streets where I visited feeding stations set up by the charity Greek Animal Rescue. These kind people together with another charity, Holly Farm Canine Centre, raised funds to have me brought over to England. And this is where my story begins.

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