Trust me. They exist.


Never be impressed by money, titles, professions, possessions or how many followers. Be impressed by kindness, integrity, humility and generosity.

Meet Dorian.

Just another street dog.

Yet one which has touched my heart. Because … we share a guardian angel. Ermioni Giannakou.

Everyone has their own story to tell, their own reasons to maybe help out a good cause, and this one is mine.

Little Dorian, from the very same streets I used to loiter, rescued by my very own saviour, will now follow in my own three legged footsteps … once his leg has been amputated. And maybe, just maybe, with the love and care of Ermioni, he could well get his very own ‘golden basket’ ticket. A forever home. Like me.

Sitting here, in my humble abode, sharing a tripe stick with my bestie, Mr Moussaka, we read Dorian’s story. I looked at Mama, Mama looked at her bank account. The news was grim. 40 quid and two days until pay day. But who needs 40 quid so the decision was made to give half of it to Dorian. Good luck my friend.

If there is a meaning to life it is certainly not to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make to the lives of others. A bit like Dorian’s guardian angel. A rather remarkable young lady.

And yup, the chap in the last photo is me. A final hug with my first love. My very own guardian angel. Forever in my heart. Thank you.

Share the love for Dorian and those who will follow.

10570428_1495172777366921_3566254134521004392_n Editor’s comment: Spare some change Governor? Link for like minded souls right here. Ta muchly. Said the cat from the dark side.

Miracles do happen …

… because of angels x


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Author: ouzothegreek

I am a three legged Greek street dog called Ouzo. I got run over when I was very young and injured my leg, some people caught me and took me to the vets where my leg was amputated. Once I had healed I was returned to a life on the streets where I visited feeding stations set up by the charity Greek Animal Rescue. These kind people together with another charity, Holly Farm Canine Centre, raised funds to have me brought over to England. And this is where my story begins.

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