So, my name is Ouzo, I am a three legged Greek street dog that doesn’t know the first thing about blogging, but hey, how hard can it be. I am not really sure what life has in store for me but seeing as I have one I might as well make the best of it.


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Author: ouzothegreek

I am a three legged Greek street dog called Ouzo. I got run over when I was very young and injured my leg, some people caught me and took me to the vets where my leg was amputated. Once I had healed I was returned to a life on the streets where I visited feeding stations set up by the charity Greek Animal Rescue. These kind people together with another charity, Holly Farm Canine Centre, raised funds to have me brought over to England. And this is where my story begins.

3 thoughts on “Intro”

  1. Hi Ouzo. My name is Ajax & I’m a handsome Greek fella like yourself. Did the van across Europe thing in January. Gradually getting my ma & pa trained up. No cat, thank goodness, but I’ve got a sis called Pebs. Enjoyed your blog – keep writingx

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  2. Good to read about Ouzo’s exploits, know that he is settling in well and discover the progress he is making in training his Mama and Papa. We have this saying “you lucky dog!”. Couldn’t be more apt.

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